Al Campanile Venezia


Welcome to Campanile, an old restaurant, at the beginning an ancient bacaro characterized by a soft atmosphere  enhanced by several different paintings. Today the local keeps alive the tradition but in a modern reconstruction and a new management.


Our first challenge is to choose always fresh products in order to offer high-quality and delicate plates, the attention to detail is central in our philosophy. Our cuisine follows basically the Italian tradition, with a strong presence of pasta and Mediterranean food, even our pizza is the classical one, both with stone-ground flour and with soy flour. Our desserts are homemade and following the Italian tradition as well.

Our Menu

Our menu is various, well-finished and always current, we have the fixed menu for lunch, papers menu and the possibility of getting breakfast as well. Our specialty is fish, you can taste several different receipts like fresh fish soup, fried squids, octopus steamed, fried lagoon fishes,different kinds of risotto with fish soup or seafood but we provide you meat dishes and vegetarian ones too. In addition to this we pay attention to gluten-free products.

As regards our breakfast, we try always to meet our costumer’s needs by offering an international breakfast, with pancakes (homemade) , brioches, toasts, but also cold cuts, cheese and still more.

Selection of  Drinks

Our simple but well-stocked winery offer you the possibility to choose the best wine pursuant your needs among 40 different labels, both internationals and locals from Friuli or Veneto for instance.

Our Place

The atmosphere of Al Campanile is the one of a  dynamic city like Venice: a parade of people from all corners of the world who sometimes  just stop for a quick beer and Italian wine, and others who stop for lunch or dinner to enjoy the dishes of the best Italian tradition.

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    Opening Times:

    9.30 a.m. – 10.30 p.m.


    San Polo, Venice, Italy


    +39 0415237221